Retaliation/Whistleblower Cases

A salesman was owed certain bonuses and commissions from his employer but was not paid what was promised. He complained in writing and, coincidentally, his “position was eliminated” due to cut backs. $815,000 A 6-month employee working as a security officer, earning $9.50 per hour, is fired in retaliation for his complaints about racial discrimination. […]

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Eisenberg & Associates’ Stinging San Diego Jury Verdict A San Diego jury punished real estate management firm, R&V Management, with a healthy verdict and punitive damage finding after they fired a pregnant account manager. Our client earned $17.75 per hour but received $832,500. Riverside Federal Jury Slams Brinks for Racial Discrimination Our firm delivered a […]

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Eisenberg & Associates has a reputation across California as seasoned and aggressive employment lawyers at the cutting edge of the practice.  And at the same time, we treat every client with respect and give each case the attention it deserves.

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We’ve handled over 700 cases involving discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, pregnancy leave, medical leave, unpaid overtime and denial of meal breaks and rest breaks. Our victories are impressive and you are invited to explore them.