Discrimination Cases

Our client worked in a hospital and sustained a work injury on the job while she was moving a patient. As a result of this work injury, the employee required accommodations to do her job. Instead of accommodating the employee, she was fired. Then, the company tries to cover up its actions and claim the […]

Victories – Subheader

We’ve helped over 700 California employees in their cases against their former employers. In almost every termination case, the pattern is the same. The company unlawfully fires an employee. Once they get sued, the company comes up with some lie to justify the termination. When it comes to this phase of litigation, a lot of […]

Wage and Hour Cases (Overtime, Denied Breaks)

A group of service technicians worked long hours and were not given rest breaks or lunch breaks. Many of them decided to sue instead of endure these oppressive working conditions. $1,600,000 Workers installing office communication devices were forced to work oppressive hours and were not getting paid overtime. A group of the workers were fed […]

Sexual Harassment Cases

An office administrator earned $9/hour and worked for a firm for under two years. She experiencing harassment from a co-worker. When she complained about the harassment, she was fired within days. The company tried to allege that our client was fired due to “insubordination.” We took depositions of all of the witnesses of the alleged […]

Pregnancy Leave/Medical Leave Violations

One of San Diego’s top trial lawyers represented a real estate management company who fired our client simply because she requested her legally permitted pregnancy leave. The company lied and said they fired her for “performance.” The jury opened up a can of justice against the company and, in under two hours, delivered a stinging […]