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There are many instances when employees are wrongfully terminated.  If your termination is a wrongful one, our experienced team of wrongful termination lawyers can assist you.  Eisenberg & Associates – laborlitigators.com – is one of the top employment law firms in Los Angeles.  If you have a case, we will be able to assist you in front of any Court of California.  Contact us to determine if you were wrongfully terminated.

Reasons for Wrongful Termination

There are many types of terminations that qualify as wrongful terminations.  If you are terminated due to your sex, gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, pregnancy, medical condition, disability, retaliation, harassment, complaints of unlawful conduct at work — these are all forms of wrongful termination.  To prove your case, we feel that you cannot get better lawyers than our team of wrongful termination attorneys in Los Angeles.

What Your Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Lawyer Can Do


Wrongful termination victims have rights to claim compensation from their former employer, including lost wages and benefits, and emotional distress. Hiring our wrongful termination attorneys in Los Angeles will give you the legal support you need to protect your rights, to claim compensation for your lost wages and benefits, any emotional distress as well as potentially punitive damages.

California employment laws give the employees recourse when they are subjected to a wrongful termination in California.  Our Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys will help you through the process.

Why choose us?

Eisenberg & Associates offers you some of the best wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles who can help you with the right legal representation and guidance.

We distinguish ourselves from other employment law firms in many ways, including:

1. Tremendous Employment Law Experience
Handling thousands of cases across California, you can be assured that you have chosen from among the best wrongful termination lawyers in California who have decades of employment law experience.  We know the ins and outs of employment law.

2. Innovative Methods of Obtaining Crucial Evidence
Our legal team researches and thoroughly investigates until we discover the essential evidence we need to support your case.  Our attorneys know how to find the witnesses we need to tilt the scales of justice in your favor.

3. Adequately Assess Your Financial Losses:
Since we have some extremely skilled wrongful termination lawyers here in Los Angeles, we know how to assess all aspects of your economic and non-economic damages.  We have a team of forensic psychologists and accountants who can assess the full extent of your damages.

4. Analyze Complicated Employment Laws:
Lawyers who don’t specialize in employment law get easily confused with the myriad of laws and regulations.  We’ve been employment lawyers in Los Angeles for decades and knows the ins and outs of California employment law…and we can explain things in down-to-Earth terms so that you can also understand how the law protects your rights.

When you choose our Los Angeles employment lawyers, our highly experienced attorneys ensure you get treated the right way and we prosecute your case with the same aggressiveness and enthusiasm as if we were representing a friend or family member.  We know that harassment and discrimination hurt, and we work hard to make sure that employers don’t get away with it and that you get compensated for it.

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