Family Medical Leave California

Being a victim of medical leave discrimination is painful and difficult, especially because on top of the medical issues you’re facing, having an unsympathetic employer discriminate against you makes the problem all the worse. The Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”), however, provides protections to all California employees needing family medical leave California, including being fired for being on family medical leave, paid medical leave California or even fired for requesting said leave. And FEHA provides a list of potential damage recovery if an employee is subjected to discrimination based on medical leave.

California medical leave laws and paid family medical leave California laws are complex and complicated. And an experienced medical leave lawyer Los Angeles is an important asset that you want on your team to navigate those waters. Our lawyers are friendly, professional and available. Doing employment law since 1996 and handling over 1000 employment cases may make us, in our humble opinion, among the list of best medical leave lawyers Los Angeles. California medical leave laws are complex and you need a firm that focuses on California medical leave law. Just take a look at our Victories page to see how we’ve helped so many other California employees who were the victims of medical leave discrimination in Los Angeles.


There are many different varieties of medical leave discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles and it’s important to select the right firm that you are comfortable with. From the many options of a medical leave discrimination attorney Los Angeles CA that you have, our firm is professional and extremely well versed in handling medical leave discrimination California cases. Every client has their attorney’s cell phone so that reaching your lawyer is always easy and convenient. So, when making a selecting for a medical leave discrimination lawyer Los Angeles CA make sure you contact us for a free consultation.

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