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If you are searching for an employment lawyer in Los Angeles your search ends at Laborlitigators.com. We have excellent legal services. Whether you have an employment dispute, are sexually harassed or have a wrongful termination claim, our competent team of Los Angeles employment lawyers will assist you with your legal claims. Our Employment lawyers in Los Angles will do what it takes to protect your rights. If you suffer any problems at work, then you should consult with our Los Angles employment lawyers.

Why us?

Our firm, Eisenberg & Associates – laborlitigators.com – has top notch employment lawyers and attorneys from Los Angleles. We handle cases of discrimination when you are fired because of your color, sex, race, religious belief or marital status. When you bring your legal employment problems to us, rest assured that you are in experienced and competent hands. Our employment attorneys in Los Angeles have tremendous experience in courts all across California in employment litigation. We have in depth knowledge and understanding about employment laws.


Whistleblowers “blow the whistle” when their bosses or companies do illegal or unethical things. They stand up against wrongs done by their employer. These people assume risks to protect the rights of others. We protect whistleblowers rights and totally understand their concerns.

If you are thinking of blowing the whistle about somethiung illegal or unethical, call our team of Los Angeles employment attorneys.

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