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Your employment plays a crucial role in your life to live a healthy and happy life, both emotionally and physically. When mistreatment, harassment, discrimination or wage theft raise their ugly heads at work, it makes employees feel depressed, anxious and powerless. Eisenberg & Associates steps up and halps level the playing field.

We feel that Eisenberg & Associates is one of the leading law firms in Los Angeles, CA with literally decades of experience in employment law. We stand alongside employees who face mistreatment at their workplace. Our expert and highly qualified team of lawyers know the California employment law and how they apply to you. We have helped hundreds upon hundreds of employees and recovered tens of millions of dollars in settlement and judgments.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to offer the best employment legal counsel to employees of Los Angeles, who face discrimination, harassment and wrongful terminations at work. We are dedicated to offering our clients the best solutions with honesty, efficiency, and professionalism.

Our Vision

After over 20 years of practice and with G-d’s help, we have built an amazing firm reputation in Los Angeles as top employment lawyers in Los Angeles. Our clients are happy and have great experiences in litigation. We fight hard to make sure that the workplace is free from discrimination, harassment and wrongful terminations. Every lawyer at our employment law firm in Los Angeles strives hard to make our vision a reality.

Dealing with harassment, discrimination or wage theft? Contact us today to get a great employment lawyer in Los Angeles.


We’ve handled over 700 cases involving discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, pregnancy leave, medical leave, unpaid overtime and denial of meal breaks and rest breaks. Our victories are impressive and you are invited to explore them.

We Are Your Employment Lawyers

Eisenberg & Associates has a reputation across California as seasoned and aggressive employment lawyers at the cutting edge of the practice. And at the same time, we treat every client with respect and give each case the attention it deserves.

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In the News

Discrimination Cases
Our client worked in a hospital and sustained a work injury on the job while she was moving a patient. As a result of this work injury, the employee required accommodations to do her job. Instead of accommodating the employee, she was fired.

Victories – Subheader
We’ve helped over 700 California employees in their cases against their former employers. In almost every termination case, the pattern is the same. The company unlawfully fires an employee. Once they get sued, the company comes up with some lie to justify the termination.

Wage and Hour Cases (Overtime, Denied Breaks)
A group of service technicians worked long hours and were not given rest breaks or lunch breaks. Many of them decided to sue instead of endure these oppressive working conditions. $1,600,000 Workers installing office communication devices were forced to work oppressive hours and were not getting paid overtime.

Eisenberg & Associates’ Stinging San Diego Jury Verdict

A San Diego jury punished real estate management firm, R&V Management, with a healthy verdict and punitive damage finding after they fired a pregnant account manager. Our client earned $17.75 per hour but received $832,500.

Riverside Federal Jury Slams Brinks for Racial Discrimination

Our firm delivered a blow to Brinks after they fired our African American client who refused his supervisor’s instructions to fire Black managers since there were “too many Black managers.” Brinks flew out their top legal team from Manhattan but went back home about $725,000 lighter.

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