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Sexual harassment is not tolerated in California. And the law protects employees who are victoms of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can be basically broken down into two categories:

  • When a manager, supervisor or person with authority uses that authority to extory sexual favors, this is called “quid pro quo” sexual harassment.
  • The second type of harassment is called “hostile work environment” and it occurs when someone makes unwanted comments, send unwanted pictures, makes unwanted physical contact or other sexual conduct in an unwelcome manner at the office.

If you are the victim of any of the above mentioned episodes of sexual harassment in Los Angeles, you should know that California law is on your side. And so are we. Our law firm, Eisenberg & Associates – laborlitigators.com – can provide you with the right sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles, who can be your perfect partner in your case.

There should be a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment at your workplace and you should never have to tolerate it at work. Many employees complain that they feel forced to work in a hostile work environment dealing with advances of bosses, employers, managers, owners, co-workers or supervisors. If this is the case, you may be a victim of sexual harassment. You can contact us anytime and we will make sure that your case is handled by a terrific sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles.


Our Job?

Our Los Angeles sexual harassment attorneys will help you file a sexual harassment case and we will protect your rights along the way. Our lawyers are very knowledgeable about California law and federal laws like Government Code Section 12940-12951, Government Code Section 11440.10-11440.60 and Government Code Section 815-818.9 and we will work to put together the best team of Los Angeles Sexual Harassment lawyers you can get.

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