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Discrimination in the workplace is illegal in California, be it on the basis of age, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, sex, gender, religion, race, or national origin. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) does not allow any type of discrimination at work, and if you have been the victim of this sort of discrimination in your workplace, contact us. Eisenberg & Associates – laborlitigators.com – make a terrific and well known team of discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles. We will professionally evaluate your claim and can help you recover all the damages you suffered, like lost wages and benefits, emotional distress, etc. California law permits you to file an employment lawsuit against your employer if you have experienced discrimination because of any of the following reasons:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Physical or mental disability (even a perceived disability)
  • Religion
  • National origin
  • Medical condition
  • Pregnancy and a nummber of other reasons.

We have a highly experienced team of discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles and having us on your side will help you navigate the diffidult waters of employment law. Employment cases take time and careful guidance to reach their goal and hiring one of our discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles will ensure that the important details are maintained carefully and that your case will proceed in the right and efficient manner.

Employees have the right to report discrimination at work and our employment discrimination attorney in Los Angeles have the legal experience to effectively and aggresively pursue your case against your discriminatory employer.

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